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Terms and conditions of the service

  • Phishing especially towards, MySpace, eBay, PayPal, Runescape and banks.

    The phishing it happens when a bad user creates an identical site to that one an existing company, with the equal diagram to that true one in order to make it to seem real. If it happens a customer to us recorded to the true site it can exchange, it for authentic and if it inserts username and password, it sends to its insaputa the data to the truffatore via email. SITES OF THIS TYPE ABSOLUTELY ARE PROHIBITED AND IN THE EVENT THEY ARE FOUND, QUICKLY THEY WILL BE CANCELLED, WITH SHIPMENT OF IP AND EMAIL USED FROM BAD USER, TO COMPETENT AUTHORITIES'.
  • Sites written with various language from Italian, English, German, French, Spanish.

    The nations are welcomes customers of all, but they must realize their sites single with the authorized languages. Sites written in other languages quickly will be cancelled.
  • To insert a redirect towards an other site like homepage of own site.

    Some can be used redirect, but only in the secondary pages of own site. The sites that contain alone redirect are forbidden.
  • Not to have a homepage (when it appears “403 error”), or to leave the page of default of “Created Account” in order more than 15 days from the record date of the account.

    Moreover it includes not to have a situated adapted web, while they are you are loaded very many files from the ftp (therefore is prohibited to use the host like files mainly host, not having contained or avendono little).

  • Sites with containing images or video sexual actions or knots with minors of 18 years.

  • Realized scripts in order to send Spam via email.

    They can be sent as an example only newsletter to own customers (to the enrolled one of own forum) of the present site on Every type of Spam or newsletter envoys to customers of other present sites on other server (external to are not concurred! Constatteremo spammers the ISP in order to signal the IP of spammer and segnalaremo also the their data.
  • Script for Proxy (like PHProxy).

    These are scripts that allow that a visitor can navigate in anonymous way on the web through your space web and the visited site cannot record true IP address of who the visit (register the IP of the server of SuperWeb). These scripts use too many resources of the server and absolutely are prohibited.
  • Script for Torrent (like BitTorrent TorrentFlux, SendSpace, RapidLeech).

    It is prohibited to insert and to make to execute the download of torrent and inserting script in order to directly realize search engines for torrent, then releasable from the server of
  • Trackers for Torrent (like Azureus, BitComet, BitTornado, Shareaza).

    The tracker of the torrent they consume too much band of transfer and they too much engage the cpu of the server, therefore they are prohibited.
  • Use of the account in order to create hosting for files, images, film, video or music.

    Services of this dedicated type need of server, for via of the enormous consumption of band and resources of a server. Pe rquanto regards files video and audio, the majority of the times then these files is also illegal, therefore these contents are prohibited on Can be only upload video and audio files of small dimensions (max 3 MB for files) if lawyers! If you have need of a hosting for images click here.
  • To use scripts that write in continuation given on MySQL, generally in order to trace something.

    A good example is “AdLogger” or “AdSpy”. This script writes always visualizations and click of Adsense every time that the site comes seen. Other examples are the tracciamenti of every visit. Therefore scripts are prohibited in order to find statistics web, tracker, spider and indicizzatori.
  • Hosting for Chat (o) IRC bots.

    A service of chat hosting or inserting bot of chat can be inserted of the chat of own site, but not be offered of IRC.
  • To use an own PHP files manager.

    To use own files manager is prohibited (in order to make upload, cancellations, etc… files) because it can create problems. Account found with this type of files, quickly will be cancelled.
  • To have more than 3 account.

    If they have been recorded than 3 account more from a same customer, if they come found, they will be cancelled. Generally the serious customers do not have more than 1 or 2 account.
  • Promotion sale of beer, alcool, tobacco and drugs.

    It includes also druggist medicines and goaders like the Viagra and Cialis.
  • Stolen contents to someone or use of illegal audio/video files, directly download of this file types from file hosting sites, link for emule or others sharing files clients.

    Included software/cracks/scripts. Es: Not valid licences of VBulletin or IPB forum. This viola the copyright of the authors. Nobody would appreciate that its job was distributed or sold online without own permission!
  • To record a useless username immondizia or for yours account.

    Es: A name type “Aaadfdf Ffdfsf” or 44444444 type “Ptrc Rd”. This makes to understand that it has not been read the regulations and that you will not respect our service. Account of this type therefore will be cancelled.


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